For Sharron Gayle Beach, storytelling is the result of an itinerant childhood of residences in several states, an eclectic education ranging from anthropology to broadcast journalism, and a professional life in fashion and design.

Voracious historical research informs her writings and spurs the plaintive cry, “I have to know more”, that her entrepreneur husband frequently hears. Her first novel, Stronger Than Passion, is indicative of her love for the grand romance, as represented long ago by Alexandre Dumas, Dorothy Dunnett and M. M. Kaye.

Sharron divides living between homes in the evocative city of New Orleans and near the languid beaches of Northwest Florida. Not to mention, of course, spending time in her own imagination, hearing the voices of characters and plotting their lives indiscriminately beneath the fiction of ordinary life.

Twitter           @SGBeachAuthor

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Blog                 sharrongaylebeach.wordpress.com

Amazon           http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/145658135x



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